Early Year Programme

Early Year Programme

3 to 5 years Nursery to 1st std

Developing a Love for Learning

Our Early Years Programme is designed to meet the needs of young learners aged 3 years to 5 years undergoing Nursery, LKG & UKG in a safe and caring environment. Our dedicated educators ensure that our children become happy and confident learners who succeed in gradually entering the realm of letters and numbers.

The Early Years are not only the foundation for a happy and successful school career, but in their first three years the children also develop many social, personal and emotional skills like interacting with other children, sharing toys, expressing their feelings in an appropriate way, waiting for their turn or becoming more independent when dressing, eating and solving every day social problems. Children need to learn how to wait their turn, share, resolve conflicts, cope effectively with anger, respond assertively in certain contexts and gain confidence in social situations.

If these skills are not learnt in the early years there will naturally be an impact upon overall future development. There are some children who are more socially withdrawn early on, and are consequently in need of additional support in order to develop these basic skills of social interaction. For these children, additional teaching to learn to interact socially, ask for help and support, assert, manage anxiety and stress will be provided by our qualified staff.