Global Awareness

Global Awareness


“An appreciation of interconnected worldwide environmental, political, economic, and social relations and their consequences”


“The recognition of an individual`s responsibility in shaping his future is actively changing relations and consequences"


“Active and constructive involvement with global issues individually, through our communities, and in concert with people around the world.”

The Global Awareness Program seeks to bridge cultures by emphasizing that cultural diversity is a source of enrichment rather than a source of confusion and strife. It will bring expanded educational and cultural opportunities to the classrooms, encourage better understanding of other cultures, improve communication between cultures, and support the concept of mutual acceptance. The goal is to "meet your global neighbour" and build "cross-cultural bridges."

At Vijaya International School, we place particular importance on providing students with opportunities to enhance their human and social development. To do this, we focus on the areas of Global Awareness and Citizenship.